Well Water



  • Iron
  • Sulfur Odors
  • Manganese

Iron Zapper systems work when
others fail because our design has a proven track record!

City Water

Single and dual tank systems for city and chlorinated well water.

Systems provide triple treatment for water hardness, tastes and odors.

Three treatments for one low price!

Drinking Water

  • Quick change cartridges
  • Auto shut-off
  • Hinged bracket (easy access)
  • Storage tank will not rust
  • Chrome faucet
  • Easy installation

Safeway Water®
Dealer Profile

Bud’s Water, Inc.
Authorized Safeway Water Dealer Servicing Northeast N.C. & Southeast VA

Bud Lilley founded his water treatment business in 1982.  During this time, Bud’s Water has become the leading water treatment firm in his marketing area. Bud and his two sons, Nathan and Brian, are water treatment professionals, and they specialize in total customer satisfaction.  Bud’s Water is a welcomed addition to our dealer network!

Nathan, Ashley, Brian, Brenda and Bud Lilley Thirty-two years’ experience in water treatment
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